Wednesday, July 8, 2009

5,4, 3, 2, 1 Blast Off!

Forty years ago there was one small step for man and one giant step for mankind.

There are many wonderful books this summer to bring this incredible event to life for your kids that go way beyond the boring textbook information!

One Small Step by P.B. Kerr. Unknown to the rest of us there is a secret mission to land monkeys on the moon before humans. When the lead monkey is unable to complete the mission, NASA discovers Scott MacLeod, a talented 13 year old pilot, and asks him to be part of this top-secret plan. This is the Boys Only Book Club titles for July.

A book with the same title, but very different insides is One Small Step by Jerry Stone -an " 'ology" scrapbook of the the lunar landing. Nonfiction and lots of flaps to lift and pages to explore.
Last but not least, for the preschooler who's fascinated by astronauts and space, there is the
Astronaut's Handbook by Meghan MacCarthy. This one explains all of the details of an astronauts life in clear drawings. My son's favorite is the astronaut toilet.

I guess I've always wanted to travel into outer space, and I'm looking forward to sharing this event with my kids. If these books don't seem to fit your kids, I have found many more ranging from a graphic novel about the race to the moon to Stephen and Lucy Hawkings' (of physicist fame) novel about George's Secret Key to the Universe

Happy Reading !
~Laura DeLaney

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