Sunday, June 21, 2009

Amendment to my author soul mate blog

I got home from my vacation about a week ago, very excited to be back in Boise, but most especially excited to be going to back to work. As I walked in the door of the bookshop everyone reflected my excitement, magnifying my feelings. But once I got back to my locker and retrieved what was posted to it, I just about died! While I was gone Steve Hely (yes, of How I Became A Famous Novelist fame!) had written me a brief note. In it he let me know that some "wag" had written a bit of false information about him on Wikipedia. While I'm not entirely sure how to amend information on Wikipedia, I know how to on here; Steve Hely let me know that he did not, in fact, attend MCI-Concord. It appears that since he wrote me, someone has corrected that bit of information, and Wikipedia is now up to date.



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