Friday, June 19, 2009

Historical Fiction for the Summer

I rememeber the summer after fifth grade being the summer that I discovered historical fiction and became fascinated with England's kings and queens. That passion has never really left, and I still make time for a few historical fiction titles every year.

The first author I got to know was Nora Lofts, and recently The King's Pleasure (a novel of Katharine of Aragon) has been reprinted. If you missed her books, this is one of my favorites, and it's here at the shop.

Another past favorite is The First Princess of Wales by Karen
Harper. This book tells the story of Joan of Kent and her marriage to Edward during the 14th century. Full of intrigue and a good love story, this is another one for a summer day. She's recently published a new hardcover, Mistress Shakespeare, which I haven't read yet, but looks like a fun companion for a Shakespeare festival summer.

- Laura


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