Thursday, June 25, 2009

In which Wally uses more exclamation points than are really neccessary

Hi-ho, Wally here! The bosses just left with their kids for a much-deserved, week-long vacation. So we, the staff, have been left here unsupervised. Naturally, that means we are having a party, a book release party! Local author Laura Bingham will be here to share her new book: Alvor. It's a fun children's novel that I really enjoyed reading, there are fairies and butterflies and a great set of twins. You should come meet a great new author, and pick up a signed copy of her book on Friday the 26th @7 pm.

As if that weren't enough awesome, there's more!!! Saturday the 27th we are having a sale, The Cats Are Away Sale! We get to decide what books will be on sale, so come by Saturday to find out what we've chosen. It's bound to be fun and somewhat ridiculous, as most great things are.

If you're worried because you have nothing to wear to such amazing events, have no fear! We have the gear!!! We just got in fabulous new Rediscovered Bookshop t-shirts that say: "Read Freely." The gorgeous Whitney was kind enough to model one for us. How can you say 'no' to a beautiful creature like that? So, come see us! That's all for now, Wally out!


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