Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Movies that are made into books

Books are often the inspiration for big Hollywood movies, and while some film adaptations just don't do justice to the novels they are based on, I feel that there are a handfull of good reads floating around that should be put on screen.

For instance, I would love to see someone put Christopher Moore's A Dirty Job to film. Christopher Moore is my favorite author, and if the translation was butchered, I would probably be furious; but if it took the real essence of the characters, and used the excellent wit and dialogue found within its glorious pages, I think it could be my favorite movie, as well as my favorite book by Christopher Moore!

I recently read a book by an Australian author named Toni Jordan about a young woman who has obsessive-compulsive disorder. Addition follows Grace Vandenburg's struggle to overcome her counting, adding, measuring, and timing that puts her life in constant limbo of ridicule and being ostracized. This wasn't necessarily my favorite book, but I think with the obvious character flaw in conjunction with the writing style, it could make an entertaining film. Think As Good As It Gets meets Bridget Jones's Diary.

Lastly, one of the best books I read last year was called The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. The cover of the book would suggest that it is, what I would call a "chick book," but it wasn't, at all. The beginning of this amazing novel, was a bit graphic for my taste (by way of violence, not pornography) but after the initial character introduction, it turns into everything from historical fiction, to bizarre love story, and even a re-imagining of Dante's nine circles of hell from The Inferno. Andrew Davidson's writing style is so vivid and engrossing that it could follow in the footsteps of What Dreams May Come as the one of the most surreal stories about love conquering all else.


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