Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We have AWESOME customers!

I was working Monday evening last week, when I had a customer come in to find out if she could trade some of her books in for trade credit. Although I couldn't quite help her in that department, she asked if I could order a copy of The Watchmen for her. While I was waiting for my screen to load she told me that her son was really excited about the release of the film adaptation. From there our conversation went from her son's forray into making independent films, to good movies that we had seen lately. We sat and discussed our mutual love of Slumdog Millionaire. Both of us agreed that everything about it was amazingly well done; from the cinematography to the soundtrack, everything was perfectly orchestrated.

Although we were done with the formalities of getting a book order completed, this lovely lady and myself talked for roughly another 30 minutes before she had to go and I had to close down. By the time I walked out the door to go home I couldn't stop myself from thinking what a neat lady she had been, and that I hoped I would be in when she came to pick up her book, so we could chat again.

I wound up missing her by a few hours the day she picked up her book, but in my locker, waiting for me, was a copy of the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack that she had dropped off.

THAT'S how cool our customers are.



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