Friday, February 20, 2009

Lunch for Literacy

Yesterday Laura and I had a whirlwind morning. We headed down to The Boise Center on the Grove to support our friends at the Learning Lab during their Lunch for Literacy event. The speaker was Nancy E. Turner, the author of four books. We actually got to spend some time chatting with her, and she was extremely personable and gracious. We will have some signed copies of her books in the shop while they last.

Three of her books are in a trilogy starting with These Is My Words about a family's life in the Arizona territory. The stories are formed like the diary of a young girl, and the language evolves as the narrator grows more educated. Nancy based these books loosely on stories she heard from her Grandmother as a child, so they really have a great personal feel to them. The book not in the trilogy is The Water and the Blood. It's set during WWII in the Eastern Texas Bible belt, and it starts off with the main character swigging moonshine with her friends while attempting to burn down a church!

A couple well-written books by a swell lady who is as passionate about books and literacy as we are, they're definitely worth checking out.



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