Thursday, March 13, 2008

Coyote Cafe Cookbook

It's spring, when my thoughts normally turn to my garden and what to plant. Instead of looking at gardening books and seed catalogs, I like to find new cookbooks and plan my garden based on what fresh veggies I will need for the recipes that I find.

This year looks like tomatoes, peppers and cilantro as I have just read through the Coyote Cafe cookbook by Mark Miller.

Located in Sante Fe, the Coyote Cafe has been serving up southwestern food since the late '80s. And there are at least 3 salsa recipes in the book that I have to try. I like fruit salsa, so the pinapple salsa and Mango salsa recipes are on my list. I am also going to whip up the mint salsa just to see what it will taste like.

There is a roasted corn soup with smoked chiles and cheese that should go with any southwestern meal. And a red chili rosoto with clams that may not wait for the garden to get ripe for me to make. The list goes on through breads, tamales, breads, seafood, and desserts.

Every page in this cookbook has something that I think will be yummy, so I will be planting my garden this year with this cookbook in mind.



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