Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I went to Vancouver BC and had time to read

Hi all,
I accompanied my daughter to Vancouver for a choir conference and found myself with time to read! So here's what I've got to say. The new Mary Doria Russell novel set during the Cairo Confererence is a must read for those who wonder what some of the causes of the mideast political mayhem are. This novel has a great historical backbone and the plot kept me going throughout. The hardcover is coming out soon - look for it on our staff picks section. Then I read Spellspam by Alma Alexander a young adult title where magic is transmitted over emails and elemental houses pick up after themselves. Alma will be at the store on April 4&5 for the children's literature festival. This was a seriously fun read with a clever world.

There were more books for this trip, but they'll have to wait just a little while! - Laura


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