Monday, March 2, 2009

Regarding stickyfish teams, I favor the bigfield fighting Koobish

Adam Rex's self-potrait

I had the great pleasure of working with Wally both Saturday and Sunday, and the even greater pleasure of introducing her to one of my favorite (if not my VERY FAVORITE) authors, Adam Rex. I was quite surprised, not only as a person that works in a bookstore, but also as a fanatic, that she had never even HEARD of Mr. Rex; as a formidable illustrator and author in both the children's picture book and children's literature markets, Adam Rex is quite recognizable.

I first discovered Adam Rex via one of my coworkers while I was working at Spellbinder Books in California, who told me that if there was any book that could sum up how amazing kids books could be, it was The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex. I was initially a bit hesitant to read Smekday because at that point I had a bit of a mental block about kids books, but my coworker reassured me by bringing in her treasured copy for me to borrow.

I was FAR from disappointed; in fact, I laughed so hard that I couldn't breathe or see, on more than probably a dozen occasions while reading. From that day on I vowed to put The True Meaning of Smekday into as many hands as possible to spread the wealth.

In addition to all of his own books, Adam Rex has been an illustrator for many other people's works. There have been a number of childrens books featuring his illustrations, but it was his original fantasy artwork for Wizards of the Coast, that was initially a hindrance for breaking into his now-established market.

Although I'm still waiting for Adam Rex to write another full-length book, I find myself continuously going to back to his picture books. The award-winning Frankenstein books, (Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich and Frankenstein Takes the Cake) as well as Pssst!, demonstrate Mr. Rex's talent for beautiful and intricate illustrations, as well as his silly sense of humor.

For now, it seems that I'll just have to sit back and wait. But, if you find yourself in the same situation that I'm in, having Adam Rex withdrawals, take a gander at his constantly updated blog for a quick fix to your Koobish blues!



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