Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Righteous Meat Slurpee

I recently noticed the 7-Eleven at the intersection of Curtis and Overland was converted to a Jackson's/Shell gas station. I couldn't help but wonder if this was the extinction of the infamous Slurpee in the Boise area.

As soon as Whitney, my co-worker, got to work, I expressed my concern over the potential loss of the Slurpee. She was apparently concerned as well, for a couple days later she stopped by the gas station in question to see if the slushy drink was still available.

To her delight, the Shell/Jackson's gas station was still carrying the refreshing beverage. Having completed her investigation, Whitney treated herself to the nostaligic Slurpee, strawberry in flavor. To her horror, however, the drink tasted like MEAT - triple ICK!!!

Whitney promptly called to inform that Slurpees were still available, but to steer clear of the Strawberry-flavored option. Ironically enough, when Whitney phoned about the "Meat-flavored Slurpee" I was in the midst of reading Nicolette Niman's latest work, Righteous Porkchop.

I originally picked up this book solely because of its catchy title, and I am so glad I did! Miss Niman's chronicling of her investigative research into the factory farming of animals is both pallatable and enlightening. Reading very much like a memoir, what I enjoyed most was that I never felt preached at or scolded for still buying meat at the grocery store. Rather, Righteous Porkchop presents current information on the meat industry, all the while interjecting cander and humor along the way.

NOTE: After having completed this book, however, I felt compelled to buy my meat locally rather than support animal factory farming. Last Saturday I visited
Vogel Farms in Kuna and had a great time: these guys are super friendly and know meat like we at the bookshop know books! Comparative pricing and an abundance of locally-raised, organically-fed products have won my business and ensured my return. Also, choosing Buy Local from Vogel Farms is one more way support locally-owned, independent businesses, for if we all shifted just 10% of our business to local independents, 1200 jobs and nearly a $160,000,000 in economic stimulus would be created for the Treasure Valley! Amazing.

~ Ross Wulf, Bookseller


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