Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh! the Books You Can Book!

Tomorrow we will be selling books at Seussical Jr. down at the Morrison Center. In preparation for this event, we have flooded our store with the bright and nostalgic covers of Dr. Seuss books. I have been having flashbacks to some great times in my childhood. I once got in a lot of trouble for taking Hop On Pop too literally, I used to demand my eggs be dyed green, and the first book I translated from Latin was Cattus Petasatus (Cat in the Hat).

I privately think that the reason I became so active in environmental causes is because I read The Lorax as a child. I also think perhaps my best political essay was written in reference to the Star-bellied Sneeches. It's amazing how profoundly one author has changed my world-view.

We do have some awesome new interpretations on the old classics too. We have board books, cook books, pop up books, and a book with an internal elephant puppet! We even have some Seuss books I had never heard of like Hunches in Bunches and the Butter Battle Book.
If you love the good Dr. Suess as much as I do, then you should come in and reminisce with us. Either that or meet us down at the musical: March 28, 7pm, Morrison Center. Be there!


At March 27, 2009 at 6:26 PM , Blogger Staff at the Rediscovered Bookshop said...

Awesome! My Hebrew teacher had a copy of a Dr. Seuss book . . . Actually, I guess it was a Dr. "Horse" book since סוּס means horse.



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