Thursday, March 19, 2009

Winter is, like, SO over!

A little while ago a former English teacher of mine asked me to read To Siberia by Per Petterson (the same guy that wrote Out Stealing Horses) so that she could talk about it with someone. Even though sad, Northern European literature isn't my favorite, I (being an incurable teachers' pet even 4 years after graduating) dutifully went down to the public library to give it a test run.

Unfortunately it was at about this time that all of the exciting, brightly-colored, cheerful, Springtime books showed up in our bookstore. While living through the tail end of winter, who really wants to read about Russian orphans when they c
an read about blueberries, fuzzy animals, and some good, old-fashion, fantasy action? Not me!

Just look at the difference in the covers, can you really blame me? So for now, I'm just racking up a library fine waiting for myself to get sick of the sunshine. But I am definitely looking forward to indulging in some more shiny, springy, eye-candy books!



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