Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Art in the Bookshop!

One of my favorite people of all time, Katrina Knight, now has her artwork hanging in our store. Katrina, or Katy as I have known her for years, is attending BSU as an Art Education and Fine Arts major. She is a performance artist for True North, and she has art on display both here in Boise and in Bihac, Bosnia.

She also is a great salsa dancer, an amazing musician, and she's super ticklish. I met Katy back in high school when we were members of competing jazz choirs; she in Capital's Singers and I in Borah's CDVE. And let me tell you, she sings Ella Fitzgerald like no one that small and cute should be able to.

Ever since then we have been good friends, and I've had the pleasure of watching her grow into an amazing woman and an active/creative force in the Boise community. So, come by and look at her beautiful, book-themed art. And if you want, take some of it home with you.



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