Thursday, December 6, 2007

Book Reviews from North Junior High

These book reviews came in from the students at North Junior High. Take a look at the books that they're reading. - -Laura

Jurassic Park
By Michael Crichton

Scientists discover a new power… the power of genetics. When Dr. Grant is asked to tour the new incomplete Jurassic Park. But when a computer whiz shuts down the system Dr. Grant’s knowledge of dinosaurs will be very handy. Facing terrifying monsters Dr. Grant, Timmy and Lex must find their way around the dinosaurs and back to the safe refuge of the visitor center. Join this group of three and discover the horrifying power of Jurassic Park. A book meant for readers on the edge of their seat.

By Patricia McCormick
Callie is a girl trapped in the corners of her own mind, blaming herself for her brother Sam’s, life-threatening asthma and for her family’s financial struggle. Depressed and confused, she turns to self-harm.
At Sea Pines Mental Hospital, she fights her own mind in silence as she struggles for some understanding of her self-loathing and the urge to cut herself. Cut is a great read for teen fiction lovers of all kinds.

Boise, ID

The Unprotected Witness
If you like books about mysteries and with humor and some violence then I would recommend reading The Unprotected Witness by James Stevenson. Peter has to go through a horrible tragedy when his father dies. His father happens to be hiding money and leaves Peter a note for him to figure out where the money is. His friends Mooshy and Rootie help him out. Read this fiction book and see if you can find the money!

Sahara Special
By: Esme` Raji Codell

Do you like to read books about labeling? If you do, this is the book for you. When Sahara’s teacher stumbles upon Sahara’s sprawled out letters to her long last dad never sent on the classroom floor, things for Sahara change drastically. What can she do now to make things the way they were again? What will happen to her and her mother’s relationship together? Will she lose a close friend and gain an unexpected one? And can her new, very different, teacher at school help her find her way out of the mist and into the sun?
All of these questions can be answered in this quick read, Sahara Special. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes to read books with feelings, a little bit of humor, and relationships of friends. This book should be read by everyone!

Rating: Four Stars
Out of: Five Stars

By: Kelsey

by Pete Hautman

Many people know what it is like to get in trouble, live with a family chock full of pranksters, and to lose your temper. In the book Rash, when Bo Marsten is accused of harming his arch enemy Karlohs Mink, things go downhill right then.
He has to try to clear is name of all the bad he has done, although it isn’t so easy seeing as how half of his family has been in prison at one point of their life. As Bo faces his sentence, he has to adjust to the new features in life, while making friends along the way and becoming part of a team.
This book is very easy to get sucked into. You might notice that you relate to Bo in some ways. In you like action, adventure, and a bit of humor in the middle, you have to read this book.


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