Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alchemy and Meggie Swan

I've just finished a new book by an old friend. I've never met her in person, but I've enjoyed all of the stories she tells. That friend is Karen Cushman and I met her first in her book titled, Catherine, Called Birdy. She's written a few more titles like the Midwive's Apprentice which won the Newberry Medal and the Loud Silence of Francine Green among many others.

Her next book, Alchemy and Meggie Swan is available on April 26. Set in the extrordinarily rich textures of Elizabethan London, takes you on a journey into a world both foreign and familiar and tells a dandy story as well. Meggie Swan has just arrived in London to stay with her father. But Meggie is no ordinary girl, she is lame and can only walk with the aid of two sticks here gran found for her in the woods. London with its slippery, twisty lanes and harsh language daunts Meggie as she begins her new life there.

A very fun trip into one of my favorite parts of history.



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